18 Song Favorites - The Interlake Polka Kings
BRCD 2081

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This collection brings you their very best a variety of traditional Ukrainian songs. These songs will bring back countless memories of years gone by, songs you will remember your grandparents or parents singing.
Sit back, relax and enjoy Bill and Mary along with the Interlake polka kings as they sing eighteen of their Ukrainian Songs Favorites.
1. Don’t Ask Me
2. After the wedding ceremony
3. Stoyeet – Yavier
4. Vidse Hora
5. Monkey song
6. When I was a young lad
7. Juba
8. Little brown jug
9. Those years have passed
10. The old woman drove into the woods
11. love birds waltz
12. Mother spanked me last night
13. Bride’s first thoughts
14. Home in heaven
15. Young brides marriage
16. Lonely side of town
17. A kozak’s love
18. hundza