16 Popular Ukrainian Selections - Ukrainian Ladies
BRCD 2094

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Ukrainian ladies are the heart and soul of the rich mosaic of Ukrainian music.
While many have been part of the supporting musicians that make up the many groups that play Ukrainian music, some have stepped out front to launch their own careers.
This compilation of Ukrainian music features the best of songs and instrumentals from mary Woloshyn, Bunny Sklepowich, Linda Shydlowsky, Pat krupa, the Citulsky Sisters, Irene Chamczuk, Mary Chornick, and Mae Chwaluk.

CD Lineup

1.  Youth Never Returns - Mary Woloshyn
2.  Mother's Flowers - Mary Woloshyn
3.  The Wishing Well - Bunny Sklepowich
4.  Ukrainian Love Song - Bunny Sklepowich
5.  Pat's Dauphin Waltz - Pat Krupa (Lamb)
6.  Lamb's Waltz - Pat Krupa (Lamb)
7.  Spring Time - Linda Shydlowsky
8.  Paper Roses - Linda Shydlowsky
9.  Baba's Polka - Irene Chamczuk
10.  Lonely Girl Waltz - Irene Chamczuk
11.  This Side Of The Mountain - The Citulsky Sisters
12.  High In The Mountains - The Citulsky Sisters
13.  Kozak - Mary Chornick
14.  Kolasa Krootyatsa - Mary Chornick
15.  Mae's Favorite - Mae Chwaluk