12Seven - Focused
sscd 4475

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This group of rappers, Hafrican and 3d are here with their brand new disc!  Hot off the presses this album is a solid first time outing!  With bangin beats, r n b mixed with rap , and a little bit of Frankie thrown in for good measure.  This album is off the hook!
CD lineup
1. The Storm Is comin
2. The introduction 
3. I thought 
4. When we leave 
5. Focused 
6. The party preach
7. The party track 
8. Lude : haf naked
9. My condolences 
10. Lude : live with Frankie
11. It could happen part two
12. All wrong
13. Lude Accapella with 3d
14. Damn 
15. It could happen part one
16. The outroduction 
17. The finale