White Eagle Singers

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The White Eagle Singers began in 1974, with the original members being the 7 sons of Allan and Mary Neskahi of Cortez, Colorado.  Arlie, second from the youngest, then 17, was honored by his brothers to be the lead singer and has carried that position for the last 25 years.  During that time this group has traveled throughout North America sharing their music and learning the Powwow Ways.  They have won numerous singing championships, both in the US and Canada, composed hundreds of songs, White Eagle drum hide, 80'sand it is very rare that you attend a powwow today without hearing a White Eagle Song.  Many of their compositions have been recorded by other groups, such as, Cathedral Lakes, Blacklodge, Stoney Park, Southern Thunder, Eyabay, Red Bull, Red Leaf Takoja, to name a few.  Arlie was commissioned by the Gathering of Nations Powwow in the mid-80’s to compose the Gathering of Nations Song, which today is one of the most widely known powwow songs in North America.
Since the original group of Neskahi brothers there have been 5 generations of singers, and today most of these White Eagles are still singing with other groups or they are leaders of their own, for example, Jay Begaye and his Cathedral Lakes Singers.  Arlie wishes them all well wherever they may be, and remember, once a White Eagle, always a White Eagle!  It has become a proud singing history.