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It's the band "SLOWHAND". Yes! They are called Slowhand, a group of talented entertainers originating from Pine Creek, Manitoba. They're not just another group of musicians forming just another band. They are The Band SLOWHAND. A very unique blend of five multi-talented individuals that do not believe in recording cover tunes but only originals. Originals that they've penned over the last five years, which we're sure will spark your interest and inspire you. Slowhand's music is a brilliant cross-over release bridging the gap between country and rock music.
We all remember legends like Lynard Skynard, The Allman Bros and The Eagles. Slowhand is a combination of all the above and more. Stranded, their debut album is one of the Hottest releases to be released on the Winnipeg Sunshine Label. It's Hot! It's a recording you may just get hooked on.