Robbie Brass & Red Wine

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Greetings Music Lover and Red Wine Fans:

It has been over two decades since the band collectively played together.  During our 8 years together we recorded 3 albums as “Red Wine”.  After the group disbanded, Robbie recorded one album on is own titled “Taking It Easy, Makin’ It Right”.

The project is a blend of the four albums we did featuring our hits of the seventies into the eighties.  With our years together we traveled northern Manitoba extensively, as well as Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Red Wine also won several awards at the Manitoba Country music association (MACA).  We also received a good amount of air play whenever we put out a new recording, for which we were very grateful as it bolstered our popularity and kept us working steady.  When we were not on the road touring, we were always welcome to work the Downs and Westbrook hotels and other Clubs as well.  The boys in the band learned how to live together when traveling, making crazy jokes and laughing for many miles while going to The Pas or Thompson.

Our core band was Robbie Brass, Norman Gennailee, Vic Monkman and Wayne Link.  At different times we had extra members such as Ray LeClerc, Ralph Catagas, Jim Flett, Rob Cheswick and Len Henry.  A great bunch of guys!

After the group was tired of traveling and working most nights, we all decided to go our separate ways to have more time with our families.  Norman worked for many years as a painter and stayed home to watch his family grow and enjoy life.  Vic fooled everybody by keeping his job at Manitoba Hydro and successfully retired.  He is the only bass player I know that collects retirement pension!  Vic has the privilege of working part time when he feels like it…or he’s gone fishing’…nice touch!  Wayne can’t retire as he is too busy operating Link Auto Works and building steel guitars!  He has to work to make payments on hi new amp! (I’m steel pickin’ and making some recordings).  My new gospel CD