Reg Bouvette

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If is significant to me that in our society of ever changing tastes, styles, and fads certain areas of life remain constant throughout the years. Old Tyme fiddle music has never changed yet it never loses its broad appeal. Reg Bouvette, a super-star among fiddlers, has a commanding style which is admired by thousands, yet his fame has only begun. This man and his music are loved and respected wherever he goes by fans and fellow musicians as well. Wherever Reg Bouvette entertains, he moves the listener, whether it brings a smile, a tear or an irresistible impulse to get up and dance. Reg has won the respect of his many fans as one of the best darn fiddlers around.
Fiddling since he was just about knee-high to a grasshopper there is hardly an old tyme fiddle tune that Reg Bouvette is not familiar with. Playing at anything from fiddle contest to every type of dance ranging from square dances, to weddings to Saturday night old tyme dances, to stage shows throughout North America, Reg has become a household name. He has now compiled twelve of the most requested traditional fiddle tunes ever to be released on a single album.
If you love fiddle music, then this album is a must for your collection. Take time to sit back and relax to the music stylings of Reg Bouvette, but if you get the urge to get up and dance – then go right ahead and kick up your heels.