Northern Wind

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The Northern Wind Singers are from the Ojibwa Nation and originate from the Lake of the Woods area in Ontario, Canada. This powerful drum group, comprised of brothers, nephews, relatives, and close friends, was formed back in August of 1990, and since that time have been honored to host and attend many gatherings in Indian country. Northern Wind Singers specializes in the song styles of the Ojibwa people of the woodlands, singing both traditional songs of the area, and continuing the tradition with many songs of their own. All songs are composed by Gabe Desrosiers, the founder of the group. Gabe is very careful when he composes songs, feeling that in order to compose songs in the Ojibwa language, they should be composed in the old styles of the Ojibwa people, especially the side step songs (ikwe-nagamonon - women songs). However, today, songs are composed to suit the contemporary style. Gabe has said that "although songs are composed in that manner, we should not forget our old ways and our traditions as song makers." The Northern Wind Singers travel extensively throughout Indian country either serving as a host drum or invited drum at powwows and other celebrations and gatherings. They also perform with the Foxwoods Dance Troupe from the Mashintucket Pequot Tribe of Connecticut. Some members of Northern Winds have also had the opportunity to perform over seas in Italy, France and numerous other places around the world, including the 1996 Olympic games held in Atlanta, GA. This unique drum group has been very fortunate and blessed with many opportunities to travel and see the world. They are very thankful for this and give many thanks to the people who have made it possible for them, and especially thank the Creator for all the goodness in their lives. The Northern Wind Singers are very spiritually-minded individuals and make it a priority to thank the spirits for guidance throughout their travels here on mother earth. The Northern Wind Singers have 14 recordings which they have released throughout the years, and continue to be one of the most active and popular drums on the powwow trail. They currently record with Arbor Records and are very proud of their latest release titled "21st Century." They are also working on a brand new album scheduled to be released in the summer of 2000 titled "Ikwe-Nagaamonon" - Women Songs.