Marcel Meilleur

Marcel Meilleur is not a newcomer to the old-time music scene and he has come a long way since the days he had to hide while playing his dad’s violin. Better known for having accompanied and toured with Andy DeJarlis for 14 years, Marcel comes from Fisher Branch, Manitoba. In 1962 he moved to Montreal with Andy and played in clubs and lounges for three years. During that time, he frequently contributed to a series of radio and television shows that were broadcasted throughout Quebec.
Before long, he was a musician recognized in his own right. He subsequently made three appearances on the Don Messer Show and played at the 1974 Festival International in France, a festival regrouping representatives from 26 countries. Since 1976, Marcel heads the Red River Echos and for the past two years has also featured on the CBC series special “Les Echos de la Rivière Rouge”. Again in 1979, he will be heading a ten week series on the CBC network.
This fine musician has contributed to 34 LP’s but this is the first LP he can really call his own. Most of the pieces are his own compositions and reflect a style that is truly his. Marcel has already contracted for another LP and is now preparing a tribute to Andy DeJarlis. Many people already know Marcel through his tours across Canada. Now they can share his love of old-time folklore music.

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