Harv Settee Jr.

Cross Lake, Manitoba is famous for its tradition of Metis fiddling. This fiddling tradition lives on in the likes of 13 year-old Harv Settee Jr. Harv was convinced to enter the fiddle program at his local school by his cousin Glenn MacIver. In fact, the family connection to music has always been strong for Harv whose father is a well-known musician in northern Manitoba.

Harv Settee Junior is the embodiment of the future of fiddling in an area of Manitoba that has long valued the fiddle as a source of entertainment and celebration. Harv considers fiddlers like Clint Dutiaume and the late Nichol Ross to be his inspirational figures. Recording Nanny's Dream was an important step for this young fiddler. He is just at the beginning of his long musical journey and yet listeners can hear the generations of proud Metis fiddling resonating from his instrument.
Nanny's Dream is a tribute to Harv's grandmother and his own musical heritage. It is sure to inspire countless other young fiddlers to pick up the bow all across Manitoba's northern communities where the fiddle has played such a key role in culture and history.

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