Gouchie Family

The Gouchie Family has been blessed with musical talent and this talent has been brought together in a compilation CD honoring the spiritual journey that has brought this family closer together. Ernie and his oldest son Buddy used to travel to reservations all over British Columbia and parts of Alberta sharing the gospel through scriptures, testimonies and song. 

The music blend of this Father and Son moved people to tears every place they went. After one of the services, a man approached Ernie and asked if he had any CD's for sale and Ernie answered, “No, but I sure wish we did”. The man was so moved by the music that he reached into his pocket and gifted Ernie with enough money to record his first album titled “A Mother's Love” with his son Buddy. Many years went by and with the prompting of Ernie's wife Robin and many other family and friends Ernie began to piece together the 'Gouchie Family Gospel' recording which includes some original songs as well as some old gospel favorites sung by Ernie and his kids Buddy, Mike and Kym. 

This family gospel CD has touched hundreds of lives and continues to soothe and comfort the hurting and the dying as God moves through the music, people rejoice and feel the spirit moving! 

In February 2007, Ernie passed onto the other side and is now singing with the angels. This CD is dedicated to his memory and to the musical legacy that he left to his beautiful wife Robin of 45 years and his children, grandchildren, great grandchild, family and friends. 

In Conjunction with Sunshine Records, this fabulous album was released early in 2009.

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