Freddie Chetyrbok

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I was born on September 16, 1945 in Gilbert Plains, MB. In 1955 my mother passed away and because of the loss i began singing and playing the guitar.
Basically I was self taught and recireved much support from my dad, family memebers and friends which gave me great desire to continue.
At 10 years of age I built up my musical talewnt enabling me to make public appearances at concerts, talent contests & guest performances at social events. In 1959 i organized my first country music & song band, namely "The Rythym Rangers " in 1960 we appeared on CKOS TV in Yorkton , Sk. I learned the art of playing cymbally and occasionally added them to our band.
In spring of 1965 I met the late , Ernie Shewchuk , a violinist in "Johnny & the Nite Litters" 
band from Winnipeg, mb. He invited me to come to winnipeg to audtion playing with the band on cymbally for a recording session.
I signed a recording contract with Eagle Records and recorded two songs, "Pub with no beer" and "it tickles" translated from english to ukrainian.
1969-1999 I reorganized and began playing with "The parklanders 4" and extended my musical career another 30 years with them.
1966- 1999 I entertained through out the three prairie provinces and ontario. I now volunteer my talents to concerts, church choir, Dauphin national Ukrainian festival choir, and a few guest appearances at various events. After performing well over 40 years I have combined the most 
requested songs for you. I hope you enjoy this "greatest hits" package
- Freddie Chetyrbok