Ernest Monias

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Born and raised in Cross Lake, Manitoba, Ernest soon found that he had a gift for touching people with music. Over his career Ernest has released 18 albums and has performed many different styles of music including gospel, country, and rock.

Entertaining coast to coast, Ernest’s stage presence has allowed him to charm audiences in bars, community halls, and arenas across Canada. Ernest’s unique vocal resonance and delivery distinguish him from all other entertainers.

Known as the "Elvis of the North" Ernest is truly a northern musical legend. From countless years on the scene with numerous albums, Ernest has built a following that defies description.

For as long as he can remember, Ernest has loved music. As a small child attending residential school in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, he sang with the Glee Club and even traveled to Montréal to perform for Expo '67.

D, G, and A: These were the first three guitar chords that he learned from his uncle at the age of thirteen. Ernest learned the rest on his own by watching, listening and spending countless hours teaching himself to play. Now, it is hard to imagine seeing Ernest without a Guitar in his hands.

By 15 Ernest was singing songs on his own and to his own guitar accompaniment. 
He formed his first band - The Sons of Manitou - while still in high school. Later on his career Ernest would be accompanied by the now legendary Shadows.

Off stage, Ernest is soft spoken and modest. He has become a leader in his community and a role model for young people. He regrets that he did not have many aboriginal artists to look up to when he was young and is now more than happy to fulfill that role for others. Ernest is always encouraging young artists who want to make their way in the music business.

"If you have a dream, follow it and you'll get there," says Ernest. "You have to be strong in your heart and keep going even when the road is rough and even when the road is rocky."

“Ernest Monias has been a part of the NCI radio sound since the 1970’s. He has been a role model to the Aboriginal community, proving that a person from a northern rez can have a dream of entering the music world and succeed. He will forever be recognized as a trailblazer...forging a musical path from the Cree lands of northern Manitoba to reach music lovers from all four directions.”

- David McLeod, NCI General Manager

“Ernest Monias is one of the the most charismatic artists in Canada and with his unique vocal delivery, and his rockabilly movements on stage it is no wonder why he earned the title of Elvis of the North”

- Ness Michaels, Founder of Sunshine Records

Ernest Facts:

• Ernest was born on February 19, 1949 in Cross Lake, MB

• Ernest has had the chance to share the stage with a number of big names over the years including Credence Clearwater Revival, Trooper, and Nazareth.

• In 1979, Ernest joined Ray St. Germaine on a tour of Northern Manitoba in a Twin Otter. They flew into 36 communities to perform. Being born in Cross Lake Manitoba made the tour a special homecoming of sorts.

• Ernest is proud of his Cree heritage and is still a vital part of this Northern community.

• Ernest has found one of the biggest challenges of being on the road is just getting where you’re going.

“On one road trip we had three spares in the back of the van so when we had a flat in the middle of nowhere we figured we were covered,” says Ernest. “But would you believe it that not one of those rims would fit?”

• Ernest has experienced much in his many years as a musician. His hard work and incredible stage presence have earned him the respect of his fans and peers, and it is on stage that Ernest feels truly at home.

"I feel at home on stage, it's like my home away from home," says Ernest. "I've been on the stage for so many years I've become accustomed to it, it's a safe place for me."