Darren Lavallee

From St. Ambrose Manitoba Darren has been dubbed the Marvelous Metis. He was raised surrounded by music, dance, and the Michif language and is strongly traditional when it comes to his Metis roots. The Lavallee family made their living fishing, farming and ranching at the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. Growing up in a large family when work was done, the family enjoyed their free time singing, dancing and fiddling. Church was a major influence and it is reflected in their deep roots, values and solid foundation. Darren still practices and maintains these values which, he has passed on to his children. It's in his blood, and you can hear the passion in his voice when he is singing and see it in his stage performances when he is playing his instruments.
Darren is diverse when it comes to instruments, not only can he play a mean fiddle but he also plays the acoustic guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, etcetera. Powerful, soulful and full of emotion, a true professional, is the only way to describe Darren be that when he is singing up a storm or playing the fiddle and entertaining his audience. He has also been known to "cut the rug" a time or two. OOH WHA...A "True Metis". Darren has traveled many miles and played for many audiences at events such as, Social Events, Festivals, Casino's or the neighborhood bars across the country far and wide, he never disappoints. He has also been nominated for numerous awards including his show-stopping performance at the 2004 Aboriginal Music Awards in Toronto, Ontario of The Disco Jig. "Let it be said that once you have heard him sing or play, he'll be in your heart forever".

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