Cliff Maytwayashing

Clifford Maytwayashing is a fiddling legend in Manitoba's Interlake. His recordings include Fiddle Magic and Native Fiddling Fever (1970's), Flaming Arrow (early 90's) and Skiffle Fiddle (2005).He is currently listed in the Top 20 Aboriginal Albums available in Canada. Cliff has made frequent appearances on shows such as the Western Hour in Winnipeg and Brandon, and has entertained at Le Festival du Voyageur in Saint Boniface, Manitoba. He enjoys performing live on stage and is equally comfortable in a radio or television studio. Cliff attended Dog Creek School on Lake Manitoba Reserve and has been playing fiddle for over 60 years. Cliff's Grandpa, Dad, Uncles all played fiddle and it was only natural that at the age of 5 Cliff took up the bow and a full-size fiddle and started his lifelong quest.
At the age of 12 he began playing for local dances and concerts with his sister Cecilia. At his first real dance at Rancher's Hall near Eddystone, Manitoba he and Cousins Victor Monkman and James Flett were each paid $5.00 for playing all night and into the wee hours of the morning. Cliff has won over 70 trophies in competitions ranging from his first Fiddling Contest, held at the official opening of the Narrows Ferry Service, to top spot in the Manitoba Provincial Fiddling Contest in the early 1990's. Cliff was Fiddling Champion 8 years in a row at Manitoba Indian Days in the 1970's. Organizers of this event finally asked Cliff if he would step aside to give other competitors a chance to win.
Cliff is a modest man and a role model for young Aboriginal entertainers. He has always been willing to use his talents to help organizations, such as the local hospital and other community groups, by appearing in their fund raising concerts. He is truly an Aboriginal Music Treasure. Clifford is married to Eleanor (his favorite Jigger). Their lifelong dream is to visit the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee.

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