Who Stole The Keeshka - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2032

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Who Stole The Keeshka? Nobody Knows, And Nobody Cares. But what a way for the Ukrainian Old Timers to make their vocal debut! Yes! The Ukrainian Old Timers are back with their fifth album featuring six instrumentals and seven songs. This album will keep you entertained from start to finish with snappy polka's, popular traditional songs, and rib-tickling comedy.
01. Who Stole The Keeshka?
02. Juba
03. Wedding Polka
04. Bela Math
05. Oy-You
06. Winnipeg, Polka
07. Old Style Polka
08. Pot-ta-to Polka
09. Woo Saw
10. Fort Quepell Polka
11. Chornee Ochke
12. Hundza
13. Hay Makers Polka