BYKIH EE SMEEHIH - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2068

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The Ukrainians started migrating to Canada in 1891 and with them they brought over a wonderful culture. This culture amplifies the beauty of the Costumes, Dancers, Songs, and Food and many humorous stories. If we recall, our forefathers were great storytellers, some stories were true and others were...well, almost true. Many of those stories and jokes were not shared with their children and the curiosity has remained with them till now. Of course, humour is ageless but mature adults regard and react spontaneously to amusing situations with unbridled laughter and genuine appreciation.
01. False Teeth & Kidney Stones
02. Empty Your Bladder
03. Almost True Stories
04. Heart Burn & Eno
05. Long John Blues
06. Sour Kapusta
07. Let Your Gas Out
08. Farmers Outhouse