Bloopers - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2034

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Ukrainian Bloopers (Songs, Music, & Jokes) is what the Ukrainian Old Timers have prepared for you on their hilarious album. Enjoy humour of years gone by, or let your imaginations run wild and join in on the blooper songs. Ukrainian Bloopers will put you in a party mood even if you are home alone or in your truck heading into Yorkton. This first-ever collection of Ukrainian Bloopers will have you laughing, dancing, and singing along.
01. Room Da-Die-Da
02. Chesnick
03. Kerosene Polka
04. Girl with Dark Pants
05. Little Brown Jug
06. Poshtar Polka
07. John Deere Polka
08. Hostyee Moyee Hostyee
09. Heel N' Toe Polka
10. Boyfriends
11. Brides Presentation
12. Ye Bik
13. Kolomeyka