8 Cylinder Music - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2052

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Lorne and Randy Zayshley once members of the Royal Polka Kings, now have been inducted into the “Ukrainian Old Timers” Band. They Zayshleys originate from Ebenizer, Sk and have many years of musical experience. Lorne and Randy add a tremendous amount of talent to the Ukrainian old Timers giving the band the most unique style heard on the market today.
The Ukrainian old timers would like to acknowledge their appreciation to their countless fans and would like to send a hearty ‘Ukrainian Thank-You” for their past and future support. 
1. 8 Cyclinder
2. Peed Pehrenom
3. Russian Fantasy
4. Spit Toon Polka
5. Little Peter
6. Cockshutt Polka
7. Simyons Polka
8. Alberta Wedding March
9. Wooh haa
10. 10 Below Polka
11. Orange Crush Waltz
12. Baba O Lese
13. Road to Sarto
14. Tabacca