Hitting The Rhubarb Patch - The Ukrainian Oldtimers
BRCD 2164

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The Ukrainian Oldtimers have hit the rhubarb patch a few times throughout their musical career. Here they are bringing you a variety of some of the wackiest, liveliest, funniest selections they're known for. Not to mention a few mellow selections to complete this wonderful recording. WOW! We hope you enjoy... Hitting The Rhubarb Patch

1. Ukrainian Oldtimers Train

2. Pickadilly Polka

3. Lillie's In The Moonlight

4. Du-Na Donna

5. Ivy Polka

6. Where Am I Going To Live

7. Pedal To The Metal Polka

8. The Ukrainian Wedding

9. Westphalia Waltz

10. Ukie Feelin' Again

11. Matushka Polka

12. Hunew

13. Hitting The Rhubarb Patch Polka

14. Oy-Komih-Komih

15. Feather Watlz

16. Loggers Breakdown

17. John Pardowski