A Ukrainian Christmas - The Ukrainian Canadians
BRCD 2030

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Christmas comes once a year and what a joy it is to celebrate the birth of our savior. During the Ukrainian Christmas holidays we rejoice in this great event, and we ask you to join us as we sing your favorite carols. May the peace and joy of Christmas be with you throughout the year. Greetings from our family to yours
1. Boh Predveechnay
2. Oo Vefleyemee
3. Vosveeleemsha
4. Na Nabee Zeerka
5. Boh Narodewshya
6. Dobray Vacheer Tobee
7. Nebo ee Zemlya
8. Vsomoo Sveetye
9. Shchedrek Sjvata Neech
Nester & Linda Shydlowsky