Dueling Polkas - Walter Ostanek & The Western Senators
pmcd 9007

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1. A Cleveland Polka
2. Under the Double Eagle Polka
3. Waltz Across Texas
4. Iron Mike's Polka
5. Marylou Polka
6. Perko's Polka
7. You Are My One True Love Waltz
8. Grenade Polka
9. Who Stole The Keeshka Polka
10. Sydney's Waltz
11. Brown's Polka
12. Oktoberfest Polka
13. Steeple Jack Polka
14. Danceland Schottische
15. Somebody Else is Taking My Place Polka
16. Chardon Polda
17. Polkarama Polka
18. Red Lips Waltz
19. Trudy Bear Polka
20. So Long Darling Polka
21. Flying Fingers Polka
22. Red Barn Polka
This is a lively recording that will get your toes tapping and will put you into a mood that you will soon enjoy. Walter Ostanek is well known for this style of music. We are sure you will find many tunes that will please your listening and dancing taste. Let's Party! This is a duet album also featuring Brian Skylar and His Western Senators. Walter and Brian trade polka's and waltz's and schottische's back to back ! Each try to out do the other.