Its Polka Time - Walter Ostanek
pmcd 9005

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Here at last is “Canada’s polka king” Walter ostanek finest collection of 24 compositions of great dance music. These selections have been carefully chosen to accommodate many of the requests from you the fans. Canada’s three times “Grammy award winner” – Walter Ostanek has compiled a variety of the best, polkas, waltz, foxtrots and schottisches into one convenient package. 

1. St. Catherine’s our town polka
2. Polkarina polka
3. Old box polka
4. Don’t wait until tomorrow waltz
5. Happy days are here again polka
6. Here I am again foxtrot
7. Hometown polka
8. La Ronda polka
9. Isabella polka
10. Hayride polka
11. Girl from Pennsylvania waltz
12. Make today I love you day polka
13. Best wishes waltz
14. Have I ever told you polka
15. Let’s have a party polka
16. Forget me never polka
17. Lalli’s polka
18. Save the last dance for me waltz
19. Holiday in Mexico polka
20. Golden girl polka
21. Oh how I need you tonight polka
22. Pretty girl polka
23. Ballroom polka
24. Say thank you dear and give her roses waltz
25. Big bang polka
26. Yellow rose of Texas polka