Gaby Haas - 24 Greatest Polka Hits
pmcd 9002

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The album that you have long waiting for is finally here. “Gaby Haas” 24 Greatest Hits Album is solidly packed with the finest dance music, suitable for almost any party get-together. The renowned polka king has countless fans across the nation enjoying his music day after day.
This lively dance album that will set your toes tapping and will put you into a mood that you will soon enjoy. Gaby Haas is well known for this style of music and we are sure you will find many tunes on this recording to please your listening and dancing pleasure. The album you’ve requested is now obtainable for your very own possession. Happy Dancing, happy listening.
1. Edmonton Polka
2. Forever and ever waltz
3. Adios polka
4. Joanna schottische
5. Swagger waltz
6. Abc polka
7. Blue skirt waltz
8. Ukrainian polka medley 
9. Saturday night waltz
10. Cuckoo waltz
11. Mocking bird waltz
12. Musician play all night polka
13. Old timers polka
14. Life in the Finland woods waltz
15. Cactus polka
16. Little green valley foxtrot 
17. Far over the waves waltz
18. Bohemian polka medley 
19. Deep in the bohemian forest waltz
20. Happy boys schottische
21. From frisco to cape cod
22. You are the one waltz
23. Homecoming waltz
24. Sweet little girl polka