Cleveland Style Polka Dick Suhay

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Dick "The Polka Pilot" Suhay began playing the piano accordion at the age of 5 in his hometown of Euclid, Ohio.  Influenced by Frankie Yankovic and other pioneers of Cleveland style polka, Dick started his own band at the age of 18.  In 1955, he joined the U.S. Air Force where he spent 26 years as a fighter pilot.  Now retired, he has a polka band and lives in California, Dick has remained close to his musical roots in Cleveland.  For this special recording, he returned to his hometown and recorded with Dan Wojtila on tenor saxophone, Ted Carrillo on Banjo and Bo Wolfand on guitar.  All name widely known to fans of Cleveland style polka. 

CD Line Up 

1.  I Want Some Lovin' Polka 
2.  Silver Bar Polka 
3.  Orphan Waltz
4.  California Polka 
5.  Murone's Polka 
6.  Slovene Lovers Waltz 
7.  Chicago Town Polka 
8.  Hi Fi Polka 
9.  Whirl Away Waltz 
10.  Pennsylvania Polka 
11.  This has got to be the place polka 
12.  Cindy waltz 
13.  Big Bang Polka 
14.  Permie's Polka 
15.  Vadnal Waltz 
16.  Muziki Polka 
17.  Beer Barrel Polka 
18.  Adelweiss Waltz 
19.  Cherry Polka 
20.  Saturday Night Polka 
21.  Blue Skirt Waltz 
22.  Just Because Polka