Grand Coulee Old Tyme Jug Band - Old Tyme Favorites Vol 4
SSCD 535

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The grand Coulee Old Tyme Jug Band has shared their love of old time music with fans for over thirty years. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with toe tapping tunes from yesteryear. 

We had the honour and privilege to play the Bally's casino – Reno three times, at the Excalibur, Treasure Island, Mirage, Circus,Circus as the tour company alternated between vegas and reno. On the trip we had an impromptu performance at the mesquite it was a great time with some of the people dancing outside the room on the sidewalk. the band made a total of seven trips with the CanAm holidays. we took all our equipment , with the piano riding in the baggage area of the bus, what an experience, we will forever remember the opportunity afforded us. 

over 38 years of playing, the band has performed in many venues, in 1982 the band was in Germany at Garmish Partenkirchen, many fundraisers were help to assist the band's trip to Germany. In Regina, when they hosted breakfast for the promotion of the 1983 World Curling Event. We also play at this same event, in a beautiful hall set in the hillside on the Wednesday night at what was known as the pond-hoppers party for about 1500 people. We have travelled across Saskatchewan, at the Saskatchewan centennial, promoted Saskatchewan's participation at the expo in Vancouver.

We thank the many , many fans who have supported us over the years. We love the old time music and hope that the tradition of the old time music will continue to thrive in the next generation of old time fiddlers. 

CD line-up 

1.WoodChopper's Reel
2.Andy's Centennial Two Step 
3.White Water Jig
4.Rubber Dolly 
5.St. Anne's Reel 
6.Maple Sugar
7.Blue Mountain Rag
8.Countess of Dufferin
9.Caroline's Waltz
10.Rippling Water Jig
11.Roll Away Hornpipe
12.Interlake Waltz
13.Logger's Breakdown 
14.Don Messer's Breakdown
15.Reginald's Waltz
16.Walking Uptown Foxtrot
17.Happy Acres Two Step 
18.Joys of Quebec 
19.Burnt Potato jig
20.Soldier's Joy 
21.Peek A Boo Waltz
22.Plaza Polka
23.Good Neighbour Waltz
24.Boil Them Cabbage Down