Grand Coulee Old Tyme Jug Band - 16 Famous Schoolhouse Toe Tappin Tunes - Vol 2
SSCD 533

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From 1952 on Currie Seeley, our old time fiddler , his wife Lin and Andy Messer (the older brother of the late Don Messer) entertained at schoolhouse dances in and around the Grand Coulee Area. In the early days it was the Old Tyme Fiddle Toe Tappin Tunes that kept the settlers close together there was very little entertainment and the homesteaders found the music gave them pleasure and acted as a common bond through the many hardships of the day. The grand coulee jug band got its start in 1967 and today along with Currie and Lin , the band includes Curries brother Joe, his wife Edna, Jim Argue and his wife Laura. 

This CD is culmination of musical memories , a tribute to those who remember the good old days and a look into the past for those too young to know. 

Over the 38 years of playing, the band has performed in many venues. We've performed at many anniversaries, weddings, Social events and shows, as well as the farm progress for many years, alone with the agribition for about 10 years. The band has been honoured in their ability to perform at the centre of arts in both Regina and saskatoon , and the list goes on and on . 

We thank the many , many fans who have supported us over the years. we love the old time music and hope that the tradition of the old time music will continue to thrive in the next generation of old time fiddlers.

CD line-up 

1.Crooked Stovepipe
2.Blue Skirt Waltz 
3.Marching Through Georgia
4.Just Because Polka
5.Shamus O' Brien Waltz 
6.Gordon's Jig
7.Fiddle Strings
8.Waltz of the roses
9.T-4 Two Step 
10.Cross Country Waltz
11.Jolly Fiddler
12.Brown's reel
13.monkeys wedding
14.Soldier's joy 
15.Liechtensteniner Polka
16.Apple Cider