Timeless Treasures - Mickey & Bunny
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Mickey & Bunny – unquestionably two of the most popular personalities in the field of Ukrainian-English Country, Western, Folk music – have made their mark in every medium of entertainment…from television on National Televised programs to Radio and Stage. However, what they enjoy doing most – probably because there in no better way to get so close to their countless friends in the field of music – are the many personal appearances they make on their many tours throughout Canada and the U.S.A.

1. Mocking Bird Hill
2. If I could Hear My Mother Pray
3. Are You Mine
4. Doggie In The Window
5. One Week Later
6. Too old Polka
7. Love Me Love
8. Between The Mountains
9. Love Sick Polka
10. Hootenanny Express
11. When You Want A Little Loving
12. Cheating Heart
13. Mother May I
14. Getting Used To Loving You
15. I Want to Be Loved
16. Somewhere My Love
17. They Call it Moonshine
18. I Get So Lonely
19. Mickey’s Kolomeyka
20. Traditional Ukrainian Medley
* Bonus Track – A Mickey’s English Song Recorded in Nashville Tennessee – Never Released
“She Made One Mistake”