Humorous Ukrainian Songs - The Legendary Mickey & Bunny
BRCD 2122

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Mickey & Bunny (Sheppard). Ukrainian-Canadian pop music duet: Mickey (singer, guitarist, accordionist – born Modest William Theodore Sklepowich in Ethelbert, Manitoba on March 27 1932) and his wife Bunny (singer, born Orissia Ewanchuk in Rosa, Manitoba on February 13, 1938). They began appearing together in 1964. Their repertoire included Ukrainian, Polish, German songs and Country music with an original compositions and a popular version of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”.

In the 1960’s they were accompanied by the D-Drifters-5, an instrumental group led by the accordionist and bass guitarist Dave Roman, known for its Ukrainian versions of songs by the Beatles and other British pop groups of the day.
It was a fitting tribute to Mickey & Bunny that they received from His Worship Mayor Stephen Juba, his highest award “The Community Service Award” for their many years of hard dedicated work, charity performances and their long, never ending concert tours.

1. Bottle Of Wine
2. What Kind of Deals This?
3. Cajun Mini Skirt
4. Horeewkoo Ya Pew
5. Girls Buy Me Homebrew
6. Wine Drinker Polka
7. Recipe For Homebrew
8. Pub With No Beer
9. Horeevochki I Want
10. My 15 Wives
11. Every Man’s Party Girl
12. White Lightnin Brew
13. All Of The Monkeys In the Zoo
14. Mickey’s Kolomayka
15. They Call It Moonshine
16. Too Old Polka
17. No Beer In Heaven
18. How To Yah Sih Myish
19. Homebrew
20. Out Behind The Barn
* Bonus Track Recorded in Nashville Tennessee first time released
“Country Music Saturday Nite”