Wintstone Plowboy By Nestor Pistor
sscd 4054

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Digitally Remastered from original tapes.

CD Lineup


  1. Winestoned Plowboy            
  2. Ukrainian Mermaid          
  3. Heavy Newsflash                 
  4. Pig Ranchin and Hunting Mushrooms
  5. How Many Fishermen Over Here?       
  6. Ukrainian Grey Cup       
  7. Trade my wife in?            
  8. The Wrestling Promoter



Dear one and only fan of Nestor!


We were asked to write a few liner notes about “Nestor Pistor”.  Our first reaction was “the less said about him, the better it is”.  Really what can you write about a man that hasn’t been written on every wall in every men’s room from Winnipeg to Vancouver (and Spuzzum thrown in for good measure).  We really like the guy, but it must be tough when the best thing that ever came out of his hometown was an empty buys.  What the heck!  He is successful (owns his own horse) talented, (plays all the big places), rich (has received his first royalty cheque for 39 cents), handsome (check out those two piece shoes), and if that’s not enough, he is the only person in the world who spoils a party just by showing up.  We understand from Nestor’s record company (Sunshine) that his sales are phenomenal.  Only yesterday, they received an order from Giuseppe’s Pizza parlour for 1,000 of his smash single “Winestoned Plowboy” (they needed new coasters for the lunch trade).