Home for a Ukrainian Christmas - Various Artists
BRCD 2087

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Christmas comes but once a year, and is a precious time for everyone to celebrate, rejoice, and spend time with their family and friends. Many of us have fond memories of days gone by and sometimes it is hard to realize how fast the years have slipped away. Many of us still have deep roots that bring us back home to celebrate a Ukrainian Christmas. Whether you are spending a Ukrainian Christmas at home in the city, at the home of a family member or at the old farm homestead, we are sure that this recording will bring you great joy and everlasting memories.
1. Greeting
2. Boh Predveechnay
3. Oo vefleyemee
4. Nebo I Zemlia
5. Greeting
6. Maryia
7. Away In A Manager
8. Greeting
9. Vas Vesseleemshia
10. Vsomoo Sveetye
11. Tyha Neech
12. Greeting
13. dywnaya Novena
14. Vitay Isuse
15. na Nebi Zeerka
16. Spa Nash narodywsia
17. Slave vo Veeshnee
18. Greeting
Mickey & Bunny , The Interlake Polka Kings, Nester & Linda Shydlowsky, Mary chornick and The Ukrainian Old Timers. They offer to you some of their many favorite Ukrainian Christmas Carols.