WYMYN'S SONGS - Squaw’kin Iskwewak
SSCD 4430

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In the dawning, Wymyn picked up the drum. The heartbeat of Mother Earth brought healing and peace. It touched the souls of the children and the men and brought contentment to the Wymyn knowing that there were strong families and vibrant communities. Over time that connections with the drum, diminished by Wymyn. In response, the heartbeat of Mother Earth began sounding in the hearts of Wymyn across this land. They are again picking up the drum to bring healing to their families and the communities. Squaw’kin Iskwewak are members of that sisterhood. Our teachings are that all women have a place within every circle. Our music is traditional in sound.. and strong in spirit. It’s respectful, it’s filled with pride and purpose, and sometimes, it’s also just plain fun.
1. Opening
2. Mother of the Round Dance
3. Auntie Maggie’s Song
4. Love Song
5. Happy Song
6. Wymyns’ Healing Song
7. Grandmother’s Song
8. The Unity Song
9. Honour Song
10. Grandmother Moon Song
11. End of Summer Song
12. Cree Prayer
Instrumentation: Jamie Goulet – Lead Vocals and Hand Drum, Wada Wuttune (Cree) – Hand Drum, Percussion, Lead & Support Vocalist, Wendy Prince-Moore (Cree/Olibwe) – Hand Drum & Support Vocalist, Carol Morin (Cree/Chipewyan) – Lead & Support Vocalist, Hand-Drums & Percussion