SSCD 4391

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Groups: Eyabay, Logan Alexis, Moose Mountain, Smokey Town Singers, Chi-Geezis, Red Bull, Whitefish Bay Singers, Little Otter, Red Hawk Singers, Walking Wolf, Northern Wind, Black Lodge Singers

The Grass/Omaha Dance developed into the contemporary – Pan-Indian dance celebration that has come to be called the “Pow Wow”. The “Good Time” pow wow of the 1900-1950 era has given way in many localities to the dance contest pow wow. The “Fun Only” community dances do still exist, but contest pow wows are held across the Northern Plains, predominantly on weekends. Some have existed for over 100 years. Many participants travel all summer from pow wow to pow wow, zigzagging across the Northern States and Canada. Not only do the dancers compete for cash prizes; but the singing groups also compete for money.
01. Intro
02. Rump shaker
03. Ho-Wah
04. Go Ahead And Dance
05. Woman’s Traditional
06. Jigodenh
07. Apple Dance Song
08. Shake Song
09. Woman’s Song
10. Victory Song
11. Chicken Dance
12. Intertribal
13. Flag Song