World’s Best Shake Songs
SSCD 4468

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Sneak up dance, the dancers imitate “sneaking up” on their enemies.This dance starts with the dancer in a kneeling position.As the music starts the dancer begins to shake his leg and begins to bend low to the ground as if hiding behind an object. As the music intensifies the dancers begin to move their bodies and start to rise from the kneeling position into a low crouch and dancing a zigzag pattern simulating running form place to place.
The is a collection of the world’s best Shake songs, sang by the World’s best pow wow groups.
CD lineup
1. Maza Duta
2. North Buffalo Cree
3. Brown Eagle
4. Tail Wind
5. Nehihewpwat
6. Walking Wolf
7. Eyabay
8. Hi Bull Singers
9. First nations singers
10. White eagle
11. Lone eagle creek
12. Northern Wind