Winston Wuttunee - Full Circle

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Why a father and son music CD?

Eric states: “We thought it would be great to have something commemorate a father’s latest releases along with his son’s newly emerging material in one package – kind of like a passing of the ages or generations. Right now it seems like everyone’s out for themselves and trying to make it on their own. I’ve always been really appreciative of everything I’ve picked up along the way in terms of music and much of that comes from my father. Given a chance to honor that in a CD and hand that down to my kids and grandkids is not something I’d want to pass up on”.

Having toured together extensively throughout eastern and western Canada as well as the Arctic, this father and son duo has done a stellar job of making sure audiences get more than their money’s worth. Humor, spirituality, folk, and traditional First Nations culture becomes seamlessly interwoven to produce a fine package and a real crowd pleaser.

Eric concludes by saying: “We would like to thank our family, loved ones, and Sunshine Records for their moral and professional support. I also want to thank my wife Danielle for inspiring me to write “I’ve got a girl”. Thanks honey!

1.    Rock & Roll ABC – Public Domain 
2.    Old MacDonald Had A Farm – Public Domain 
3.    You Can Sing A Rainbow – Public Domain 
4.    La Tarantella – Public Domain 
5.    Daddy’s Not My Friend – Words & Music by Winston Wuttunee
6.    Listen To The Water – Public Domain 
7.    Clarinet Polka – Traditional 
8.    Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash 
9.    North To Alaska – Johnny Horton 
10.    Red River Jig – Traditional 
11.    Good Friends – Words & Music by Eric B Wuttunee
12.    Back Again 
13.    Mountain Breeze – Words & Music by Winston Wuttunee
14.    I’ve Got A Girl - Words & Music by Eric B Wuttunee
15.    Stranger on The Shore 
16.    When the sun sets over the world – traditional