Waltz Favorites - Andy Dejarlis

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Back in the years of drought and depression, when admission was 25 cents, people were glad to forget their trouble, as they swung in a square or waltzed to “When I Grow to Old Too Dream”. Some still came by buggy in summer, and sleighs, vans and cutters were common in the winter. “People loved to dance in those days”, he recalls. “I played every night except Sunday and the halls were crowded”

Sometimes radio fans balked at paying admission because they thought the orchestra had come to town without its leader. It just didn’t seem possible that the person they saw was the “oldtime fiddler” himself. One night there was even a man who boasted that he had stoked with “old Andy Dejarlis” then was embarrassed to find that he was talking to “Old Andy”.

CD Lineup

1. Parasol Waltz
2. Wednesday Night Waltz
3. Morning Glory Waltz
4. Blue Jeans & Wingham
5. Fort Ellice Waltz
6. Apple Blossom Waltz
7. Chandelier Waltz
8. Red River Waltz
9. Dew Drop Watlz
10. Farmer's Watlz
11. Black Velvet Watlz
12. Friendship Waltz
13. Westphalia Waltz
14. Andy's Old Time Waltz