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“Things That Matter”

Are you looking for a new Buddy? Well, if you like Country Music then you are about to meet your new best Buddy in the whole world! Buddy Gouchie is the incredible talent that the world has been missing out on for far too long. If you want to feel the hurt of Country’s mournful soul Buddy will deliver, and if you want to reflect on your own troubled times and lost innocence then Buddy will hold your hand through the night. Buddy Gouchie was born to give his life to Country Music, all you need to do is let Buddy into your home and heart. Life will never be the same once you do.

Buddy was born in Prince George, BC, and raised in the small sawmill community of
“Shelley” just east of the City.

At the age of two, Buddy started to sing before he could talk. His father, Ernie
Gouchie, heard him singing, “I hear the Train a comin’, comin’ ‘round the bend” and
knew that his son would be a great talent one day.

At the age of five, Buddy’s father bought him a guitar and taught him a few chords.
The love for country music began to bloom in Buddy’s heart.

At the age of eight, Buddy won “1st Place” in a talent show held in conjunction with
two radio stations in Prince George. He got his picture in the newspaper and became
a celebrity with his fellow classmates.When Buddy was 19 he began to play the circuit with his first band called “The
Silver City Outlaws”.

Traditional country music artists like Merle, George, and Hank have always been
Buddy’s heroes and you can hear it in his voice when he sings. He started writing
songs in 1999 when he was faced with the news of his father’s cancer. Buddy sat
down and wrote “A Father’s Love”.

Buddy continues to write about his family and life’s many up’s and down’s. “Things
That Matter” marks a turning point in Buddy’s life and career and is a testament to 
his maturity as an artist.