The Manitones
SSCD 4421

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Remember in our remote communities when we had the teen dances after the movies? The groups used to play for the young kids while the adults watched and they introduced the new dances every time they returned from southern schools.  The hot evenings would get hotter as the dances went on in the old band hall and the music echoed across the hazy , glassy waters of island lake Manitoba.  We are happy to share with you in your living rooms the music that used to echo now and then in your very community.
CD lineup
1. Till I gain Control Again
2. Desperado Love
3. Oh Baby Don’t go
4. Green River
5. Okie from Muskogee
6. I was there
7. Brown eyed girl
8. Tempted 
9. A promise you cant keep
10. Turn me loose
11. Mama’s waiting
12. Folsom prison blues