The Great Canadian Fiddle - Various Artists
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"The Great Canadian Fiddle" is the first album to feature the major regional and ethnic styles of Canadian fiddle music. This music of our founding culture lives today throughour rural Canada. You can hear it at fiddle contests and jamborees from Newfoundland to British Columbia.
Song List:
1. Maple Sugar (Reg Bouvette)
2. Jim the Fiddle Maker (Ivan Hicks)
3. Wobbling Goose Breakdown (Eleanor Townsend)
4. Boilin' Cabbage Down (Brian Sklar)
5. Mom's Waltz (Tommy Buick)
6. Lautrier Sauve Reel (Calvin Vollrath)
7. Draggin' The Bow (Patti Kusturok)
8. St. Anne's Reel (Darren Lavallee)
9. Prairie Winter Blues (Eugene Laderoute)
10. Sweet Lady Fingers (Marcel Meilleur)
11. Snowflake Breakdown (John Kushneryk)
12. Little Burnt Potato (Ryan Keplin)
13. Whiskey Before Breakfast (Clint Dutiaume)
14. Celtic Memories (Wally Knash)
15. Waltz For Irene (Calvin Townsend)
16. Grandma's Chickens (Mel Bedard)
17. The Shelburne Reel (John Kushnereyk)
18. Don Guillenette Hoedown (Calvin Vollrath)
19. Buffalo Polka (Marcel Meilleur)
20. Margit Waltz (Brian Sklar)
21. Devil's Dream (Ryan Keplin)
22. Butterfly Dance (Andy DeJarlis)
23. Gram Lee's Waltz (Ivan Hicks)
24. Orange Blossom Special (Yogi Klos)