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This hilarious new album by Derric, includes all his characters. The album is filled with knee slappin skits, and side splitting music numbers. Derric has over 350 voices, a cast of puppet characters and a genuine knack for comedy, Derric is one the top touring professionals in north America. He is in demand for festivals, conferences, communitties, schools, casinos, and other special appearances worldwide.

CD lineup

1. Indian day’s snagging away
2. Little girl
3. Derric starlight live
4. Great warrior hunter
5. Feel like an Indian 
6. And now the little girl
7. German Indian 
8. Hello granny
9. Granny’s fired bread
10. Back to the little girl
11. Never send a fat Indian down a water slid
12. Derric starlight live
13. Oh oh the little girl
14. Pow wowerful tornado