The Best of Lawrence Martin

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Aboriginal Country Music

This is a compilation album by Lawrence S. Martin, aka Wapistan , of songs that he has written and recorded over the last three cd releases. The first one “Wapistan is Lawrence martin” is a landmark, not only for himself, but for all the winners thereafter in the best of aboriginal music in Canada category for the junos. Lawrence believes that making music is a talent that come from with in the heart and the creative mind, a gift that one is born with. There are many kinds of gifts , each one of us has been provided with something that brings happiness and joy. When we honor our gifts and find the courage to follow our dreams we share that passion with our family, friends and our communities. Our life’s journey becomes intertwined with our gift. It is always with us, no matter what we do. When we can be true to ourselves and claim our gifts, all the doors of the universe open.
CD lineup
1. Mushkego
2. Amazing Grace
3. Time to get together
4. Ashtum
5. Elders
6. Anishnawbe child
7. Like a real bad dream
8. Turtle island
9. Heaven here on earth 
10. Red road of life
11. My home town
12. Betty 
13. OO-Wa-Gitchi Manitou
14. Bingo
15. What’s going to Happen