Splish Splash - It's Diiva's Dance Party - Diiva Miinwaa Davis
sscd 4571

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The heart of Rock N Roll music is alive and well !  This disc features all of your favorite songs from the 50's right on up to the 70's.  Including such hits as Yakety Yak, There's a tear in my beer, What I like about you ! 

In true Diiva style these songs are all sung in Ojibway.  Making this album not only FUN ! but also a great learning tool.  

1. Yakety Yak
2. What I Like About You
3.Tossing and Turning all Night
4.Tennessee Flattop Box
5.There's A Tear In My Beer
6.Splish Splash (I Was Taking A Bath)
7.One Night With You
8. Just Walk On By
9.I've Been Everywhere
10. If You Loved Me Half As Much As I Love You
11. Don't You Wish it Was True
12. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues