Skiffle Fiddle - Cliff Maytwayashing
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Clifford Maytwayashing was born at Lake Manitoba First Nations. He started by playing fiddle at the age of 6 influenced by his mom and dad. At the age of 12 Clifford played his very first job at a New Years Eve dance in Vorgar, Manitoba. As Clifford became more knowledgeable he began entering fiddle contests and at the age of 18 he won his first championship, the rest is all history. Clifford has won many contests too numerous to mention.
The name Clifford Maytwayashing is known throughout North America. He has performed at many various events and has brought joy to thousands of people. With several recordings on the market, Clifford is proud to present you with this latest recording entitled “Skiffle Fiddle”. This recording is variety packed with many of your favorites, traditional and original compositions.
We hope this new recording will bring a ray of light into your lives. Enjoy it! As we enjoy presenting it to you.
1. St annes reel
2. Red Wing
3. Quebec Reel
4. Rockin Fiddle
5. Annabelle
6. Skiffle fiddle
7. Poor girl waltz
8. Lost child
9. Uncle Frank
10. Big JOhn McNiel
11. I'll be all smiles
12. Sean Waltz