Ryan Keplin - Fiddling Lefty Twist

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Ryan Keplin - Fiddling Lefty Twist
Hello Everyone! I'm back and included a new fiddling Lefty twist to some of the familiar traditional fiddle tunes. I hope you enjoy listening to the CD, it was a blast to make. A special thanks goes out to the Sunshine Studio's production staff, to (CUZ) K.K. Keplin's awesome guitar picking and james "Cubby" Larocque incredible steel licks. I hope to see you all at a nearby festival or performance. Thanks for taking the time to listen!
Ryan Keplin (Fiddling Lefty)
CD lineup
1.Bon Apart Retreat
2.St. Laurent Breakdown
3.Faded Love/Maiden's Prayer
4.Thompson Rag
5.Andy's Old Tyme Waltz
6.Buffalo Gal
7.Fiddling Lefty Twist
8.Pearl Swing
9.Heel And Toe Polka
10.Maple Sugar
11.Rippling Water Jig
12.Fiddle Fingers
13.Tennessee Blues
14.Route #15
15.Jenny Lynn Polka