Ruebin Bugler & Cree Crew Healing Tears

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CD Lineup


  1. Baby Harmony (Ruebin Bugler)
  2. Oh Canada (Mario Fiddler)
  3. Straight Tribute to Utsin Baptiste (Alphonce Moccasin)
  4. Round Dance Trance (Kyle Fiddler)
  5. The reasons why (Albert Lachance)
  6. Two girls fighting (Camron Fiddler)
  7. Facebook Drama (Ruebin Bugler)
  8. Straight Song (Albert Lachance)
  9. How do you hold my heart (Kyle Fiddler)
  10. Mother Song (Mario Fiddler)
  11. Cree Girl (Ruebin Bugler)
  12. Round Dance Cutie (Ruebin Bugler)
  13. Sweet Devine (Kyle Fiddler)
  14. She took my breath away (Ruebin Bugler)
  15. Where are you now? (Ruebin Bugler)
  16. Xoxo’s (Aphonce Moccasin)
  17. Broken Muffler (Kyle Fiddler)
  18. Outro (Kyle Fiddler)


Ruebin Biography

In Western Canada the people of the Cree Nation attend community ceremonial events called the Round Dance every weekend throughout the winter. The Cree Crew singers have been traveling through out Western Canada to Round Dances since they were children. Some of the songs on this album contain comedy and some contain romance. Lead singer, Ruebin Bugler as a song composer he designed some of his songs in his own unique style of a modern rhythm. Rueben’s younger brothers, Mario, Cameron, Kyle also composed their own songs. Ruebin is very thankful for them to be carrying the gift of song making. Ruebin would like to thank the elders, spiritual leaders, the Bugler Family and his mother Jeanette Bugler. Please enjoy the songs on this album and Ruebin also encourages the young people to follow their traditional ways and sacred circles.


I would like to dedicate the song Baby Harmony To my daughter Abagail Flossie Bugler and nieces Harmony, Promises Fiddler– Ruebin Bugler


Cree Crew Biography

Even thought the group has recently formed, the members of Cree Crew have been on the round dance circuit for 15 years or more.  The members of Cree crew singers are all song composers.  The group is very thankful for their mother Janette Bugler for bringing them around to pow-wows and round dances as they grew into men, it helped to foster there love for the music.  The Cree crew singers would like to thank all of the aboriginal listeners out there.  They would also like to encourage young aboriginal singers and dancers to keep making songs and finish their education.  Be proud of who you are and where you come from.


It’s been an honor singing to all of you out there and we thank you for purchasing our album.  We look forward to composing more songs and sharing them with you in the future.  See you all out there Hiy Hiy.


Cree Crew Are:


Lead singers - Ruebin Bugler, Mario Fiddler, Kyle Fiddler, Albert Lachance, Alphonse Moccasin, Cameron Fiddler, Malcolm Runningaround, Liam Wuttunee

Background Singers – Wanita Bird, Janice Sundown, Larenda Sondown

Recording Engineer: Shane Ward

Recorded at Platinum Gold Studios, Winnipeg, MB