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The Round Dance creates a simple and fun activity that brings both cultures together for positive interaction. In celebrating this circle of life, it is no co-incidence that the structure of all Pow Wows is a circle, a dance that gives men and women a chance to fall in love, as opposed to the thunder of a pow wow drum, round dance music is soft, slow and gentle vocals are very tender on the album.
The Round Dance is a social dance that all dancers and spectators may participate in.  It is done in a clockwise circle stepping to the left in time to the drum beat.  Sometimes this is done as a Friendship Dance with two concentric circles moving in opposite directions with people shaking hands as they pass each other.
1.   Grey Buffalo  Round Dance   
2.   Sinte Ska  Round Dance   
3.   Eagle Hill  Round Dance   
4.   Stoney Eagle  I'll Be Back    
5.   Whitefish Bay Anishinaabe Round Dance  
6.   Seekaskootch  Round Dance   
7.   Hanisha  Round Dance   
8.   Windy Rock  Round Dance   
9.   Dead Horse Creek Round Dance   
10. Red Wind  Round Dance   
11. Buffalo Lake  Round Dance    
12. Red Hawk  Round Dance    
13. Northern Wind Womens Traditional Roud Dance 
14. Eyabay  I'll See You Again Round Dance 
15. Silvercloud  Round Dance   
16. Blacklodge  Round Dance   
17. Sioux Assinboine Round Dance   
18. Little Spirit  Round Dance   
19. Four Winds  Taos Round Dance  
20. Smokey Town  Round Dance