Robbie Brass & Red Wine - 18 Greatest Hits Vol 2
sscd 4552

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Get ready for some nostalgia listening by Red Wine, we hope you country fans will enjoy the releases as much as we did making them. I want to thank all the people in the past that supported our band and bought our releases. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these new souvenir CD’s.

1. Lonely Lady 
2. Wine Me Up 
3. Maria Theresa 
4. Stop These Lonely Tears 
5. Come And Go 
6. Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy 
7. Red Wine On My Mind 
8. Ride The Greyhound
9. Wake Up
10. Chalk It Up To Experience
11. Taking It Easy, Making It Right
12. Good Old Boys
13. I Need You
14. Goodbye Angel
15. I Couldn’t Let Her Walk Away
16. Don’t Stop Playing That Jukebox
17. Playin’ Ole
18. I’ll Fly Away