Robbie Brass & Red Wine - 18 Greatest Hits Vol 1
sscd 4550

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Get ready for some nostalgia listening by Red Wine, we hope you country fans will enjoy the releases as much as we did making them.  I want to thank all the people in the past that supported our band and bought our releases.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy these new souvenir CD’s.

1.    Mama’s Waiting
2.    Only Daddy That Will Walk The Line
3.    Sweet Gypsy Hair
4.    Monster’s Holiday
5.    Pass Me By
6.    Mama’s Hungry Eyes
7.    Country Is
8.    No Reason To Quit
9.    Lets Sing Our Song
10.    Crazy Arms
11.    Teach Me To Forget
12.    Watch Him go Crazy
13.    Lone Star Beer & Bob Wills Music
14.    You Win Again
15.    Holding on To Nothing At All
16.    You’ll Always Be Special to Me
17.    Love Is The Foundation
18.    Where Will You Build