Rasin' Rosin - Wally Knash
sscd 507

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I am most grateful to my parents who encouraged me and spent their hard earned money buying musical instruments during my childhood on a Saskatchewan farm. I would also like to thank my brothers who persevered the endless hours of my practicing.
I would also like to express my sincerest thanks to my wife, Leona, and all my friends for their support. My utmost hope is that at least one piece of my music will inspire and help to brighten up their lives.
1. Rasin’ Rosin
2. Lost Stringer Blues
3. Alberta Champion Waltz
4. Ukrainian Medley
5. When the Last Teardrop Falls
6. Western Swing Polka
7. Lora Lee Waltz
8. Fiddler’s True Dream
9. Prairie Wind Jig
10. Patti Anne Waltz
11. Fiddle/Banjo Duel
12. Love Letters
13. Hot Canary
14. Texas Crapshooter
15. Scottish Medley
Instrumentation: Wally Knash – Fiddle, Walter Ostanek – Accordion, Ed Legere – Vocal, Eric Bezo – Guitar, Paul Lauzon – Bass, Dennis Doc LePage – Banjo, Gene Sawyer –Bobro, Ross Ingles – Piano, Mark Rogers – Drums, Brian Legere – Vocals & Guitar,