Ramsey Rae Fiddlin' Buckaroo Vol 2
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Here it is the brand new album by Manitoba's own Ramsey Rae.

This release is inspired by our late Elder and the Great Fiddler Mr. Cliff Maytwayashing from Lake Manitoba, Dog Creek, Manitoba.I would also like to dedicate these tunes to the Maytwayashing Family.

I would like to dedicate the following selections to friends and family:“Lost Child” is dedicated to my mom & dad, as well as my driver's Dale Tarty & Ellen Houle from Rock Ridge, Manitoba.“Three Men on a White Horse” I would like to dedicate to Colin Kakewash a great friend of mine from Skownan, Manitoba, this song is inspired by Shawn Mousseau from Ebb n' Flow, Manitoba.“Uncle Alberts Favorite” is dedicate to my late Uncle Albert Rae as well as to my late Grandfather Mr. Bend Rae and my Grandmother Mrs. Irene Rae form North Spirit Lake, Ontario, this song in inspired by David Choken from Dog Creek, Manitoba.“Lone Star Rag” I would like to dedicate to my Aunt Melva and Uncle Glen Maud and the rest of the Maud family from Skownan, Manitoba, this was inspired by Elder Mr. Alfred Lacquette from Skownan, Manitoba.A big thank you extended to my mom Rose Chartrand for doing my autobiography.I would like to extend my thanks to the Green River Band of Ebb n' Flow, Manitoba for their musical input and assistance in helping create this great release.

Thank you to all my supporter's from various communities, I hope you enjoy this release as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.


CD Lineup

1.Lost Child

2.Skiffle Fiddle

3.Three men on a white horse

4.Lonestar Rag

5.Red Wing

6.Buckskin Reel

7.Lady Do Si Do

8.Buffalo Gal

9.Uncle Albert’s Favorite

10.Big John McNeil/Devils Dream

11.Red River Blues

12.Golden Slippers

13.Boil The Cabbage

14.Interlake Swing

15.St. Annes Reel

16.Orange Blossom Special



Ramsey Rae – Fiddle

Deano Phartaney – Bass Guitar

David Choken – Lead & AccousticGuitar

Terry Mousseau – Drums